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it for now i'm irritated. and new the new. yes he's
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the most important element of the year. people in charge traditionally a time to be with emma. here are some lunch and were in different schools offices and factories were closed for more than a week before and after that my students to come to the cities to work or study typically depart for home yet god. some little potty to light. i would like it rough. we hit the pool. say what you want to watch. i know that task. i guess. six
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two hundred trips by train and bus. we're all going to transportation between the two thousand which you will see this. this minister to this happens every year more and more chinese are choosing to return to their hometowns for the holiday you change. you know. image the air. the beautiful temple. it is fun. why are people breaking with tradition. we followed some migrants who chose to remain in beijing. instead of going home during the chinese new year season. ll. the us
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the neighborhood is in the western parts of central beijing. a week before the holidays. stores are filled with decorative items believed to bring good fortune in the new year. one woman living here decided to stay instead of returning to her hometown. we who believe money is fifty one she grew up in a farming village more than one thousand km from the capital. the air. the top with us. i did. and. odor. if
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you don't. i know. he's four year old chen the phone owns the house when the lips. she has four sons. but the olympic elsewhere because of work. june has been on her room since her husband passed away two years ago. she has trouble with her links and needs care. new works as a live in a ditch and snow back then. for housekeepers is rising in china has more elderly people live alone but many housekeepers are
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migrants. so there is often a shortage during the new year's holidays is there the whole song. i will probably see allah the salamanders. when the season in serie a call to lasagna. i told them the tools understand. do you usually makes twenty five us dollars a day. but during the new year holidays currently the weeds nearly doubles to forty three dollars. i believe began working as a housekeeper two years ago. for a long time before that she had fun with her husband son and daughter in the countryside. we all live and work in different cities. i learned. on that
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you knew. i do the eye holiday season. everyone in the hughes family continues working rather than going home. why do they have such a neat to work so i can only name that sounded a little irony in a letter. you don't in the auto sundown to sundown only on the goldfields youth. it was only a lowly those frozen on monday and tuesday i received a full band. we owe more to come home. ten county and
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between gm into a nightmare china's pension system is undergoing re forms. even if lee who paid about seven thousand dollars in total pension contributions or benefits would come to only about eighty dollars a month from eight sixty. that's equal to what she earns in just three days as a housekeeper. liu has no choice but to earn a no for her retirement old twenty one million people live in beijing. an estimated eight million them are from rule errands. a survey by a chinese newspaper. from that one third of migrants don't want to return home during the holiday. one factor is the financial burden of paying for transportation presents for relatives and cash gifts for young family members. but there are also
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other respects this is the couple's mention club in central beijing. men and women can drop by anytime after six thirty pm customers are all single and from malaria. members pay three hundred thirty dollars two year and provide information about their salaries own towns and what they're looking for in a park in return. the agency matches of members. more than eighty people usually come on any given day. there were few listed. because the new year holidays were approaching most of the club's members go home during the holiday these people stayed in beijing to keep looking for me. we asked them on. when
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our mom. to me that the students who all died. so i can manage. while talking to a comment to get it. ortiz thirty eight. he's from a farming village more than two thousand km south of beijing oh ya up. i still want to give up. instead it was a year. only john reid's a room in the summer. it's about ninety minutes by bus from central beijing where the matching club is located oh and yeah. well does
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the idea millenia. towards one hundred indiana jones remains comes to roughly one hundred fifty dollars a month the most we can take home and really eats up on my new house is on the question. he wants to return home with the fiance to make his parents happy. but it's not easy. leo and ceilings. call into radio tv and watching them. she was eager for romeo find in the sense that the neocons see a soul to him last july to eighteen the notion that the junk tv to the pound to two pm home to california my will. joni is a contract worker at a printing firm. his incoming is unstable. so some months he can't save any money
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jones is the second oldest son and his family. he came to beijing sixteen years ago in hopes of a better liar. he has since changed jobs at the times and has worked as a coke and a delivery man. not once has he gotten a full time contract with benefits usually it was cole hall is all mine. it was for madison the museum of art yet so little. only she knew the only tv. the laundry or shine she not only on jesus's condiment in motion and sleeping on the encore number of students graduating from chinese universities is increasing every year. in two thousand fourteen. the figure is expected to reach a record seven point twenty seven million for someone like joe
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with little education and no connections. finding a full time job in beijing is becoming even harder and with the color or a home. he can't find a spouse. the number of men in china like john is increasing. many of them say they feel uncomfortable when they return to their hometowns and are surrounded by family members. the law she was great to see it the alley. they don't like him obama image. all should mention that the piece down to check on the hop. so as to why he's here. he said the truth. we had a shot high been. this is the second
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year. chung will stay in beijing during chinese. a a the suburb it is above the ninety minute drive from central beijing. migrant opened the car wash here twelve years ago. seeds cloves ahead of chinese new year. but this one stays open your old one gmo. the owner these promo for farming village two hundred fifty km away it is is that they are still out on top. i feel
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about it so shut up. i mean i'm glad i got it spot on. we continue to read it it was all the incentives for let it go and look at the time to get them cleaned after that you find that the governor so there we thought that the audience on side with the ball. though not as yet not forgotten that they will my opinion. the woman eva to leave off with the candy off the bottle top. but the fact he's drivers tend to want to clean up their cars ahead of the new year. the number of customers doubles during the season i long and has one this is in this instance they can't afford to ignore they keep their car wash opens around the holidays eye. all has two children aged three and twelve
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grandparents tackle. they see their children for only a few days here. will i. it is up. i love adding the tomato died in iraq. in iraq daughter calls them almost everyday. in the. i knew ye i was out. they fell out. do you send our sons to get over that way you are an eye out on the tilt of the twin won the title was hit by a
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dominion. i'm such a union for going green. but the rest of the show. charging ahead of the gospels. so it will only use it as i was out feel free and at the time chinese citizens aren't allowed to freely transfer their official place of residence. that means migrants living in cities don't have equal access to government services such as education healthcare and welfare. it's difficult to enroll their children in local school. that's why one and his wife chose to leave their children behind the one they continue to work during chinese new year instead of going home. i fell in june and the meal than that. no barrier made of candy. all
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still on holiday. and then a ten out of sight honda that's not gonna call you up on the list. had an acl and invest on a map. to fold until the end. our children's education from kindergarten through college will cost about fifty six thousand dollars. the couple's annual income is about thirteen thousand dollars the lead continue working here in this lucrative season to save as much money as they can for their children. i grew i i want has never spent new year's holidays together with their whole family. i will
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her aunts and shane sparks freeze up. and local children enjoyed playing on the constant attempts the year strongly. eye the housekeeper is making dumplings with cheer. we are carrying on in a cold northern chinese custom of eating dumplings with family members to usher in the new year. but the two women celebrate the nine alone
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the eno. ei. for model will work in iraq. and beauty i know. to shore. he was loaned out to our will. xd i'm so going down. i think it's a religion had been looking forward to reading some things on the stain with her four sons. monday's canceled because they were busy with work. and they'll walk. she gets a phone call from her younger brother. ain. oh and
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ferdinand ii. he called them all. the look and quarrel and parked on the war the main they are. humble elias. many of the handle on. we eat. me and me. are you i add. at home. chin is only able to see her grandchildren on new year's eve. she knows that it can't be helped. much is known able to hide her loneliness when she talks about it. port of tampa
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china's economic development progresses. more families are living apart. that's when chinese new year should be an even more important time than ever for families to re unite simone. i am eagerly waiting to see her children and grandchildren. you have chosen not to return home so she can save more money for retirement the sound of firecrackers outside signals the countdown to the new year islam is cloudy and a son
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todd and ten a m the eighteenth percentile hawn and a dad. hear from them. pierre name and sound cannons and poland to live look at what is wednesday and ends. pms term for total political power on. though hennessy will invent a new year liao . the ap. he is still on. mayor. they are. we all really. chatted for a friend and a member of
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the matchmaking club. mike jones. this man chose not to go home because he doesn't want his parents to bother him about not being married yet. he says. the other guests it is a female friend from the same hometown when. heat. i've had it. joan has spent sixteen years in beijing. does belong to the matchmaking club for four years. but he says he has nothing to show for it. why is he going to succeed in raising more than anything else oh and you actually want to did i have a lot of time when several times a day could be a committed and
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the reason that it's criminal to gender identity. who made so ago. but in eighteen ten the laundry the adult wasn't even in the debates and votes you only told this is the time. sosa was that he continued. she's talking to the eye. you will see. play a seal or more. iraq has turned into. yes i want to shoot. if i was done with them to issue the adaption she seems to be more tys and on all ah. the ones that i think maybe he saw it i want to use the law. and
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don't quite get into the twenty one yes he wins hands down roots in the womb room. in all i can use to flee how they are cheap i mean come on that. and islam summit shown on time. she'll undergo than a month. i am going into all children of fun. to shed its image he seemed to believe. so i don't teach down the old routine she is my diet . eye. or
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what. my good fortune continued. he'd close and sounds briefly turned sweet sixteen. deliberate or noisy fireworks. he's heard all over the city. welcoming the new year. scores of migrants who choose not to return home. this guy isn't easy. helps. or. though. it's good. sixteen now cz the streets. she plans to continue working during this festive season in review until she has had no one
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seemed to go the woman just wants to continue to watch this. you won't see their children during the holiday their kids will visit beijing during summer break i know. then to june. i can't imagine. want to go home to read chinese. migrants living in big cities have different reasons first he thought choice reveals how chinese society has changed. will the trend continues. to see me for a time honored chinese costs. as these points. find
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their way. ha. earlier. and me for a time honored chinese costs. as these points. find their way. ha. earlier. and mm mm mm. the news
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